Project one


Objectives of the project:

Phase 1: Handling 50,000 barrels of oil and injected 70 million cubic feet of gas a day

Phase 2: Achieve 110,000 barrels of oil and inject 210 million cubic feet of gas a day

Geographical location of the project:

km north of Khorramshahr and 100 km southwest of Ahwaz, along the Ahwaz-Khorramshahr road

main contractor:

Phase 1 and 2 ENI / NICO

Project Implementation Activities:

Drilling of 3 wells and 5 wells and one well gas injection well The creation of a unit of operation with a nominal capacity of 55 thousand barrels per day All pipelines and pipelines in the first phase of the project Drilling 15 development loops, 3 gas injection wells and one wells water disposal Zayed, along with the creation of a unit of operation with a nominal capacity of 165 thousand barrels of oil On the day, including all lines of flow and well-developed facilities in the second phase

– Feasibility Study Phase III was conducted by ENI

– Define the descriptive stage of the design and preparation of documents for this part of the work using internal resources

Key layout times:

Date of Contract Entry: April 13,

Production of 50,000 barrels per day will be achieved on August 83

Production forecast reached 160 thousand barrels per day: September, 2002

Forecast of gas injection at 280 million cubic feet per day: Spring 2010