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Leader in Iran's electricity privatization industry

A Pioneer in the Privatization of Iran’s Power Sector
This organization is recognized as one of the reputable and prominent pioneers in the process of ‎privatizing the power sector in the country. With a stellar track record in this field, this company ‎has managed to become one of the most influential players in this arena‏.‏‎ Among the ‎achievements of this company, the development of electrical infrastructure, the construction of ‎fully private power plants, the improvement of the quality and reliability of the electricity grid, ‎and the creation of numerous job opportunities for specialists in this field can be mentioned. ‎Relying on a skilled workforce and the latest technologies, this holding has been able to establish ‎itself as a leader in the field of electricity privatization in the country and become a successful ‎service provider in this area.

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Human Resources

The employees of Persian Steel Company consider the work environment as the most suitable ‎space to offer their capabilities. This is due to the empathetic atmosphere and high motivation of ‎the personnel in performing their duties. The human capital of this industrial group has a strong ‎interest and passion for their work, and they prefer to prioritize this over anything else at work. ‎The existence of such a spirit among the employees plays a significant role in the economic ‎success of the company. Furthermore, the presence of high-level experts at various managerial ‎and production levels is considered one of the main reasons for the economic success of this ‎industrial group. The high expertise of these personnel, along with their extensive technical ‎knowledge and experience, has provided a suitable foundation for the company to achieve its ‎objectives. All in all, the human resources of the Persian Steel Company, with a strong sense of ‎belonging, significant technical knowledge and skills, and love and passion for their work, play a ‎key role in the advancements and achievements of this industrial conglomerate.‎

CEO Speech

Persian Steel Company, with the aim of becoming a leading and diversified industrial group in ‎the country, has adopted the following strategic goals:‎
‎• Pursuing sustainable development and environmental protection in all of the company’s ‎activities.‎
‎• Expansion and diversification of its activities in various industrial sectors such as electricity ‎generation, steel, concrete, and textiles.‎
‎• Improving productivity and efficiency in production units through the utilization of modern ‎technologies and specialized human resources.‎
‎• Creating a flexible and efficient organizational structure to respond quickly to changing market ‎needs.‎
‎• Completing the value chain and increasing its market share in various industries, with a focus ‎on producing high-quality products.‎