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Aligudarz Steel Complex

Aligudarz Steel Complex is a production unit that was established in 1999 and produces ‎various steel products including rebar and steel mesh, with an annual production capacity of ‎‎110,000 tons. This complex is equipped with up-to-date European machinery and has an ISO ‎‎9001 certification.‎
The products of Aligudarz Steel Complex include:
‎- Welded steel meshes and grids
‎- Deformed rebar in different sizes from 8 to 16 mm, in coils and barsbyth Iranian ‎standard 3132‎
‎- Deformed spiral rebar
‎- Plain rebar in sizes 8, 10, and 12 mm, in both coils and bars, in accordance with Iranian ‎standard 3132‎