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Yekta Fallah Sepahan

Yekta Fallah Sepahan is a spinning mill that was established in 2005. This factory, with a ‎workforce of 200 people, utilizes the most modern and advanced spinning machinery from ‎reputable manufacturers in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. The products of this company ‎include various ring and open-end yarns with different counts, for the production of towels, ‎woven fabrics, circular knitted fabrics, textiles, and garments. These yarns can be made of cotton, ‎bamboo, polyester, or a combination of these fibers. One of the notable features of this factory is ‎the presence of an equipped quality control laboratory that evaluates raw materials and ‎manufactured products according to international standards. This contributes significantly to the ‎enhancement of the quality of the products from this company.‎