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Persian Danesh Isfahan

Persian Danesh Isfahan is our research and development party, established in 2016 with the goal ‎of increasing productivity in the power plant industry. This company, with experienced ‎personnel, is active in the fields of energy efficiency optimization, water recovery, and ‎environmental protection, and has scientific collaborations with universities and research centers ‎on its agenda.‎‎

Main Projects:
‎1. Optimization of power plant dry cooling systems‎
‎2. Evaluating efficiency and identifying opportunities to increase productivity through the ‎establishment of an asset management system and infrastructure
‎3. Water recovery and wastewater reuse‎
‎4. Providing a platform for cooperation between Persian Holding and universities and research ‎centers to develop new technologies
‎5. Collaboration with Isfahan University of Technology and Isfahan Science and Technology ‎Park to establish an industrial cooling systems laboratory
6. Evaluating new technologies and ideas to develop new businesses within the Persian Holding ‎Group