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Zavareh Power Plant

Zavareh Combined Cycle Power Plant is one of the leading power plants in the field of ‎electricity generation in Iran. This power plant, which was commissioned in 2011 and 2012, with ‎a staff of 150 and a nominal capacity of 484 megawatts, is known as the first private combined-‎cycle power plant in the country, built by Persian Holding. Zavareh power ‎plant consists of 2 gas units with a capacity of 162 megawatts and 1 steam unit with a capacity ‎of 160 megawatts, and with a very high efficiency of 47.8%, it has become one of the most ‎efficient power plants in the country. This power plant uses natural gas as the primary fuel and ‎diesel as the backup fuel. The prominent features of the Zavareh power plant include the ‎simultaneous construction of both the steam and gas sections for the first time in Iran, the use of ‎an air-cooled system with variable-speed fans, the installation of production enhancement ‎systems during the hot seasons, and the minimal water consumption. This power plant has also ‎obtained quality, environmental, and occupational safety management certifications.